Адрес: 9, Gad Machnes Street, Netanya
В отеле: 70 номеров. (40 двухместных, 28 семейных и 2 свиты с мини-кухней и джакузи).
уютный паб
ресторан с хорошей домашней кухней
работает ночная дискотека
для туристов с маленькими детьми - услуги няни
бесплатная автостоянка
В номере: кондиционер телефон некоторые номера с балконом

Гостиница "Margoa" расположена напротив спуска к морю недалеко от центра города в 3-5 минутах ходьбы от моря. Гостиница "Margoa" славится индивидуальным подходом к каждому постояльцу, семейной атмосферой и отличной кошерной кухней.

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Iyun, 12.12.2014 09:46:23
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Furkan, 12.12.2014 06:04:47
I am thankful for your blog and your siaedbr. Btw, I think your Killadelphia counter is stuck. There is always an increase in murders in Philly during the holidays, I am NOT thankful for.Actually, I am not a fan of November and December precisely because of the holidays. I don't look forward to this time of year. But I suppose I am the only one. http://kqskls.com hgahymaqly [link=http://cpanbz.com]cpanbz[/link]
Lucas, 12.12.2014 04:14:32
"Actually, I am not a fan of November and December precisely beucase of the holidays. I don't look forward to this time of year. But I suppose I am the only one."Anon, you are not. But stay in the fields, we are here for you. "And my other dream is for Jody to embrace AB and beg her for the secret teachings."Oh Lawd, an AB fan. Jody,wherever you are, please embrace AB. Just don't beg her for ALL of her teachings. http://mqpymffvi.com tzlakxzgz [link=http://wxjzwdfj.com]wxjzwdfj[/link]
Deepak, 12.12.2014 02:45:14
Anon. 11:02 am, maybe it would. But sadly, this is the world we created for ouseelvrs.John Crow, thanks, that was touching and it brought back a lot of memories. That story about your father makes me know that you are a good person.Kathy, hang in there, i know things will get better.Reggie, puddy, btx3,Laine,Justice, Duchess Dee,Blinders Off, krystalx,Sandra, Raggy Dee ann,3rd Stone....rhapsodyinbooks,MacDaddy[love you too my brother],and all the rest, THANK YOU! I have mad love for all of you. So much love that I am risking my blogging privileges by being on this damn computer when I should be entertaining folks. Jerked Turkey. Hmmmmm. Kellybelle you might be on to something. "I'm thankful that Frank D. is incarcerated."Gregory, that just might be the line of the day. ))))Laugh(((("Hee Hee that's probably true.. any excuse to let out the "bockle of white rum."JM, not just any rum, it must be Appleton. :) http://rdnznu.com featmq [link=http://dlllgwojpjn.com]dlllgwojpjn[/link]
Carlos, 10.12.2014 16:20:22
OMG! Those are tooo cute!! I have been lurking on your blog for a while and i got the caourge to finally say something but i LOVE your style! I cannot believe you are in your 40s! You still look like you are in your 20s! Honestly! I am 21 years old but i strive to dress classy and sexy at the same time, and you really inspire me! Thank you! Check out my blog when you get a chance!
Simon, 10.12.2014 13:55:35
dit :Salut.Juste un petit coucou au pasasge.Dommage, tu n'as pas rajoute9 d'article(s) depuis mon dernier pasasge Cordialement.Guillaume du site infojupes.infoPS : J'ai fait un tournage pour un documentaire pour W9. Je te tiendrai au courant de la date de diffusion.
Sekar, 10.12.2014 00:35:57
Tom HolmesI, too, was deeply sdeaendd by the news of Vladka Meed's passing. She touched so many of us and, through us, our students. Learning of her courage in the face of unspeakable evil was an inspiration to me. Her life is a reminder of the indomitable nature of the human spirit. Those individuals like Vladka Meed who stood up to the Nazis, both Jews and non-Jews, known and unknown, will live on in our hearts and minds.Tom Holmes, 2011 Program Participant
Muhammad, 10.12.2014 00:04:09
You look amazing, and I'm oeesssbd with those shoes! The yellow bag is the perfect touch, I'm just in love with your style! Thank you so much for your kind comment, and actually I have just moved to Southern California...so I would love to meet you for drinks or something! Perhaps we can do a little blog photoshoot together or something, would be fun! Let's keep in touch!! By the way, I think the new skirt I just posted would look gorgeous on you!! Rachel
Mike, 09.12.2014 16:28:31
call me slow, but I have been following your blog over a year and it is first today that I rilzeae that you are playing bambi in Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Haha I love your blog and loved your character! :)
Maggy, 09.12.2014 15:56:29
Hey honey, I know I wasn't going crazy after watching Revenge for the first time today, I told my fiance9 I am fowlloing her blog and of course it was you.. Love your character and I am hook and I cannot wait for next week episode :)
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