Адрес: Ramot, 12984 Moshav Ramot (Sea of Galilee)
Категория: 4*
В отеле: Ресторан, Бар, Круглосуточный отдел регистрации и обслуживания гостей, Доставка прессы, Сад, Терраса, Номера / Услуги для инвалидов, Лифт, Сейф, Церковь/Храм, Отопление, Камера хранения багажа, Кондиционер.
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Отзывы об отеле Ramot Resort Hotel

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Kiran, 11.12.2014 03:04:36
If you're looking to buy these arietlcs make it way easier.
Ame, 10.12.2014 20:08:37
This does look prgoisinm. I'll keep coming back for more.
Takeshi, 10.12.2014 18:17:32
I love the spirit of your blog--and the joy you anuydor subjects find in the long life well-lived. And, of course, I love the ($5!!) sunglasses in this post. So whimsical and alive!! Congrats on bringing this sometimes underappreciated group into the sunlight.
Mariana, 10.12.2014 17:44:39
Amazing blog! Is your theme custom made or did you dnlowoad it fr om somewhere? A theme like yours with a few simple adjustements would really make my blog jump out. Please let me know wh ere you got your theme. Bless you
Annett, 10.12.2014 16:55:06
Happy Birthday to your sweet girls!! I see here that they are indeed twisnies! SOO sweet! I cannot believe you did a Paul Frank party! I have been a Paul Frank fan since I was about 8 and was so sad when stores stopped carrying it and then THRILLED when the Target line was introduced. I guess with the economy they had been struggling but I think the Target line was so good for them. Rambling.. I know! Told you I'm a big fan! Anyway Happy 1st Birthday to your sweet girls! I know that I'm just finding you but I'd love to send you some little bow clips as a birthday present for them if you are interested. You can come check me out to see that I'm legit, I actually own a baby boutique. As a mom to one preemie and another one child who was almost born are 21weeks (my labor was stopped multiple times) I love celebrating NICU babies!
Ivo, 10.12.2014 15:08:01
Kudos to you! I hadn't thoghut of that!
Graciela, 10.12.2014 15:07:39
Ppl like you get all the brians. I just get to say thanks for he answer.
Neliana, 10.12.2014 14:15:12
If they are showing less inesertt in their bottles I would take them away now. I did it right when mine were 1 and it was easy. The nuby sippy cups I think helped most kuz the nipples are so soft. I also just feed mine anything we eat & cut it up small. It's helped them not be picky (I think). I also bought a little food processor for things I get nervous about them choking on. Hope your camping trip was fun! ;)
Miguel, 10.12.2014 12:36:25
Woot, I will cealrinty put this to good use!
Culpiizz, 10.12.2014 06:45:49
Ramona,I just left you amessage. I'm very sorry I didnt call you on your bitdhray. I hope it was fabulous. I hope you had wonderful cake and you at least had one perfect cocktail. Its been a little crazy, just got home. I think I have to move to France. Also, I miss you dearly. Can we have a visit? Call me when you can. Sara is impossible to get a hold of.Hearts.Marg
Отзывы 6971 - 6980 из 7181
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