Адрес: Ramot, 12984 Moshav Ramot (Sea of Galilee)
Категория: 4*
В отеле: Ресторан, Бар, Круглосуточный отдел регистрации и обслуживания гостей, Доставка прессы, Сад, Терраса, Номера / Услуги для инвалидов, Лифт, Сейф, Церковь/Храм, Отопление, Камера хранения багажа, Кондиционер.
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Open, 12.12.2014 03:30:18
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Prashik, 12.12.2014 02:17:18
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Floor, 12.12.2014 02:13:58
Absolutely love your outfit. You look great and yes I'm with Martina on those wedegs. I seem to remember seeing a link to a site to get wedegs like that on the Fly blog but I have no clue which post it was from. http://djpqfsobzn.com qoneznmgo [link=http://lohvhyms.com]lohvhyms[/link]
Rasheed, 12.12.2014 00:51:23
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Dinamo, 11.12.2014 17:39:25
I always read your blog but I never cnmemot (not for any real reason, I just usually read from my phone and forget to go back to cnmemot later). You post the most beautiful pictures. I truly enjoy your posts. Happy new year to you!
Sally, 11.12.2014 16:53:15
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Dipuo, 11.12.2014 16:33:36
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Abdullah, 11.12.2014 14:43:51
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