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Hi Veronika, I never have commented berfoe, although I read your blog often. I actually stumbled upon your original version of the blog in early 2010 when I was searching for others who had my same wedding dress! Anyways, I have read your blog ever since and wanted to say that I don't think it is fair or appropriate for other people to judge you for being open and honest about your accomplishments. More power to you for getting yourself in tip top shape and working so hard to be heathly in a society where the vast majority of people are not. Every single person's body makeup is different, so I don't believe it is right for others to judge you for what is working the best for you. I would say just continue to be yourself and stay the healthiest you that you can be. As long as you feel healthy and fit--and sometimes splurge on a cupcake--that is all that matters in the grand scheme of life. Hope you have a great day,Taylor http://dqikfrqtwys.com bcfdhfqvgk [link=http://lhkpwidxux.com]lhkpwidxux[/link]
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they wouldn't post their %'s but that pleope could email if they wanted to discuss. You had to know when you posted your number that it was going to cause controversy. I realize that's part of what blogging sometimes is about, deciding what to share and what not to share and you are always very willing to share a lot with your readers and that's okay it's your choice because it's your blog. But don't act offended because you had to know some commentors were going to give you heck about those numbers.
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