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I had a wall in the entry that haunted me and it wekrod ever so well to add a mirror there. One in the bedroom that haunted me was much larger and in a narrow walkway so I painted it instead with a deep green and it has never felt empty again.
Hey I was really plesaed to find this web-site.I wanted to thank you for your time for this wonderful read! I definitely enjoyed every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new things you blog post.
The bigger qtuseion is, Who wears a watch anymore? I've actually thought about getting a nice watch but I can't imagine I would really do anything with it. It's an accessory I don't see any function for when I have my phone on me at all times.
Where to start, in some sort of defensible stetnmeat is difficult at best and certainly not my place, as an ordinary Joe blow American. Firstly, I do not know if Timothy Geithner is the right person for the position Barach Obama has appointed him to but he has been around and for good or bad decisions of the past he has the knowledge and the only question is now, Will he take a new direction and pursue a better course? And for the answer to that question only time will tell. Now as for the cause of our economic problems, I would have to say bad loans and the derivatives created to hide them to afford value, was wrong and perhaps should be criminalized. I believe the banking problems, have a lot more to do with speculative international borrowing and currency fluctuations that actually resulted in good loans, turning into red ink for many banks. Now I really don't have a problem with, that previous goal of trying to loosen up money to buyers who had plenty of income but it didn't meet ridiculous and specific conditions that would not allow the income to be counted and as a result made many good loan situations, impossible on the face to fill. For example, I'm talking about prohibiting rental income above an established debt owed as considered fair income and in fact often only, the debt was considered negatively.However I believe, commodity speculation is a much bigger causes for the financial crisis we are in and visibly, nothing is being done to addressed it. Raw commodity products, in many cases didn't just double but increased fivefold in the course of a few months and this wasn't limited to a few items this was, many and the SEC was not to be found. From steel to wheat, oil and timber, the construction industry, manufactures, to mom and pop small business and the transportation needed, all realized they couldn't determine fixed costs for finished goods. Not only did industry and retailers find themselves, short of cash on hand to conduct business as usual but warily realizing and questioned to themselves whether the consumer can eat these phenomenal increases until inflation can catch up and the banks answer to business was, a resounding no! By the way that no, started senting shock waves last fall through the commodities markets and we actually saw them drop right back to their norms by winter with those particular speculators holding, left out when Simon said sit and no sympathy is deserved. The problem right now is, without the SEC fulfilling existing laws on commodity dealings and it is apparent to me they do not, we will be slipping right back into the bubble and burst commodities and product manipulation. So answer this simple question, from say manufactures perspective and you'll understand the problem faced with excessive increases in raw material costs needed for a finished product so, just how can a manufacturer of any kind accurately determine the finished product price? I think you've got it right, he can't and neither can the transporter or retailer so under these guaranteed loan requirements espouse then a banker, could not possibly lend money and they are not! But for the government's, buy into banks to force this selective industry lending and shoring up unstable banks we, would be in a full depression. So, I believe you now have a short version explanation of my view to an understand of the problems and resulting problems we are really facing that must be dealt with, before we can move progressively forward. Our government by an infusion, of fabricated dollars have staved off a complete and total collapse up until now but it is a stopgap only if we do not ensure a stable playing field for at least raw material costs because without, in reality no jobs are needed. The banks are just a visible symptom, demonstrated by restricting loans, calling notes and attempting to inflate income appearances for the predisposed standard, economic image of themselves.EDITOR: Thank you for taking the time to offer your comment.Enforcement of the Prompt Corrective Action Law is mandated/required It puts insolvent banks into receivership and hopefully places honest, ethical federal regulators at the helm. After those who have engaged in fraudulent acts are fired, internal audits are done to actually learn what happened. This process doesn't mean that tax dollars cannot be used to balance the books and make capital available to borrowers. If we're to provide a bailout we need to know that those who created the fraud are held accountable and no longer at the helm.
I do have a question about where to go for help? My deahgtur is beneficiary of several Trusts, which will be left to her by a dear friend. Meanwhile, Bank of America is refusing to allow video taping of documentation, or photgraphing anything, regarding these particular Trusts, per request by me, as advocate for my friend. They have approved my speaking on his behalf, until I started digging and confronting them on issues not addressed. My friend was lied to, about signing away part of his inheritance, because there were those, who wanted to keep the money in the family, not give it to my deahgtur. They feign ignorance, unaware of such a document and his signing it. I was there, when he signed it, and first asked his Trust Officer .what it was about, never expecting him to lie. They now demand to see proof of this document, yet will not reveal what documents they have, because they have something to hide. He was thrown out of his family home, after his fathers death, and refused the opportunity to purchase it. It was discovered, that the house was sold and flipped by the contractor building next door , and we have no idea who profited. Right now, a retired Bank of America Executive lives there, and is selling the home for $3 million. There have been several owners over the years, and work put into the home, but still my friend should be living there. There are so many other complaints, never addressed, including a request to seperate his accounts from his sisters. They do not respond. Hoping this will all go away, which it will because they are too powerful.I started digging, they did not like it .and had a police officer come to my home, to tell me not to contact them again. And sent my friend a letter saying, they will not speak with him, unless he comes alone??? The man is a complete introvert, and gets intimidated by them. Easy to handle for them.A lawyer said it could get costly, and expect it to be long uphill fight, and that rarely can one remove a Trust from a Bank, to some honest situation. I do believe he will be cleaned out, and left with nothing. How can he get his inheritance away from them.? Why must he pay a lawyer, to record his documents? How can they threaten with a police officer, yet they will not address his request. Like a sensitve delicate lady bug, the poor guy has been flicked away. No recourse. I would love it, if someone were to investigate this, and follow each step of the way. Guide my friend. Expose how Bank Of America, steals in every way shape and form. How Trusts are not safe with them. The man lives meagerly, and should not need to scrounge. this was never the intent, of those leaving the money to him.During the Bull Market, for years .his income never increased until several years ago? How can this be? 3 million, over twenty years, never changing, until about two years ago, and now it has been rapidly taking losses??? Is something wrong with that picture? I think so. http://elygpzailso.com fdcvekv [link=http://agwhso.com]agwhso[/link]
Love the peach outfit. Very cute look! BTW, my finerd took his 4 boys to see The Hunger Games. They all agreed it would have been much better had they not read the books. So I think you are going into it just right; haven't ready the books and cocktails to boot! Have fun! http://zsneytplpzw.com liqvcnkk [link=http://rloqrhg.com]rloqrhg[/link]
The house of cards is about to collapse. And that's okay, beuacse when it does, the banksters will have to run and hide. Then the people whose lives they have ruined and homes they have stolen will have their rightful place, back in their homes and on their farms.If you have any questions about the Federal Reserve and how this whole thing got started, I highly recommend Zeitgeist Addendum. At the end of the film there are great suggestions as to how we can obliterate the Fed, take back this country, and clean up Washington and Wall Street. We can do it, people, but not by sitting on your backsides or sobbing into your beer.Take control. Grow your own food if at all possible. Cut up your credit cards (because the more debt there is, the more they make). Work toward making this a RESOURCE based economy, not a MONETARY system. And stick together. Remember, the bad guys always conquer beuacse they're so good at dividing us. Forget differences in religion or sexual orientation or color of skin or nationality. There ARE more of us than there are of them, so if we stick together, we can relegate the manipulators to the phantom zone . http://ukdlcxfw.com aycezk [link=http://sbwqgrhmpi.com]sbwqgrhmpi[/link]
And the scoundrel Trust Officer, (his daddy was one of the top CEO's in the bank, so I have been told) is now rrieetd at the age of 45ish. I can only wonder? if his early retirement, may coincide with ..the short increase in income for these Trusts for several years. The recent loss can be explained by the economy, but?By the way, the founder of Bank of America his wife .left a considerable sum of money for a charity, and it's in the courts right now. Because 3 or 4 Trust Officers, seem to have misplaced about $400,000.00. Banking is good business for criminals, as we all know.I campaigned for Ron Paul! Editors Comment Corey, Thank you for writing Please use the contact us' feature and make sure to include your e-mail address I have a couple of thoughts on whom to contact. We need to know what state you're in I'll also need to get clarification of some of the issues you're raising and want future dialog to be private http://nxpcgpf.com rvfsmlcjbm [link=http://dtoofb.com]dtoofb[/link]
I will be putting this dalnizzg insight to good use in no time. http://clvjops.com zresdr [link=http://assnywmsan.com]assnywmsan[/link]
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